Getting Ready for Winter in Benton Harbor Means Checking Your Roof

If you live in a Midwest town like Benton Harbor or St. Joseph, you’re no stranger to extreme swings in weather that come with the seasons. While other climates may specialize in extreme heat, brutal cold, prolonged rain, dampness or humidity, the Midwest has it all, and the roof surface is one of the most exposed and vulnerable areas when it comes to weather. Since the roof is designed to enclose, shelter and protect, it makes sense to be sure the entire roof system is ready for the coming winter.

As homeowners evaluate seasonal projects, it’s important to determine whether it’s time to do roof repairs, or perhaps a roof replacement. If you haven’t inspected your roof by fall, there’s no time to wait. The approaching winter will uncover problems you haven’t, so it’s best to get the jump on them. Most roof installations are designed to last at least 10 years, so if you’ve recently replaced your roof, the problems you’ll notice should be minimal, if any.

Even if your roof is new, it’s still good to check valley and chimney areas for debris. Objects that remain on a roof surface for prolonged periods can cause moss growth or speed up deterioration. These areas should also be checked for leaks, including any place where water or snow can penetrate the surface. The conditions of the roof flashing should be noted in valleys and near dormers since sometimes accumulations in these areas are difficult to spot without careful inspection.

If it’s been more than 10 years since your last roof installation, the best thing to do is have your roof inspected by a professional. Sherriff-Goslin Company inspects hundreds of roofs every month at no cost to the homeowner, and provides a free estimate for roof repair or replacement. A visit from a Sherriff-Goslin professional can identify simple problems before they become serious. Schedule your free roof inspection in Benton Harbor or St. Joseph today.