Get Unmatched Protection with the Class 4 Shingle from Your St. Joseph Roofer

There are so many different shingles to choose from for any new or re-roofing project. As a homeowner, you now have options ranging from style, strength, and color — all of which can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know how to distinguish one from another.

There is no better place to start than strength and durability when choosing roofing shingles. A shingle’s strength is the foundation that is needed to help maintain their beauty for years to come. And since an eyeball test can’t help you determine a shingle’s strength, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has created a system to help homeowners distinguish the strong from the weak.

Shingles with Class

Created by UL in 1996, the UL Standard for Safety for Impact Resistance of Preparation Covering Materials was created to test the strength of a roof at its weakest points. The impact resistance test, better known as UL 2218, evaluates the effect of the impact of a steel ball as it makes contact with the roof’s edges, corners, unsupported sections, and joints. As a result, the test shingles are listed in one of four classes:

Class 1 — Did not crack when hit twice with a 1¼” steel ball

Class 2 — Did not crack when hit twice with a 1½” steel ball

Class 3 — Did not crack when hit twice with a 1¾” steel ball

Class 4 — Did not crack when hit twice with a 2” steel ball

As a homeowner, this test is important as the steel balls are used to represent hail and the potential damage that can occur. The highest rated shingles are equipped with a Class 4 rating, so going with anything less should be done with caution.

Style and Strength

The weaker a shingle is, the faster it will lose its granules when struck by hail or windblown debris. The loss of granules equals a loss in color and protection for the roof. Simply put, while it is possible to have strength and no style, you cannot have style without strength.

Best in Class

By narrowing your selection down to a Class 4 rated shingle, you get a shingle designed to keep your curb appeal intact. For examples of the perfect marriage of style and strength, explore the StormMaster® Shake, StormMaster® Slate, and 2nd Century Art-Loc® diamond-shaped roofing shingles today from your St. Joseph roofer, Sherriff-Goslin today!