Asphalt Shingle Cupping and How Your St. Joseph Roofing Contractor Can Help

When you have asphalt shingle cupping on your roof, it not only looks bad, but also greatly weakens the ability of the shingle to do its job protecting your home because cupping means the seal on the shingle is loosened. Shingle cupping can be identified by the shingle becoming concave in the middle with the corners or sides loosening up and their edges raising. Cupping is a completely normal issue when it comes to roofs and may simply occur because the shingles are aged and it’s time for them to be replaced. However, it can also occur because of improper attic ventilation. No matter what the reason is, if you notice your asphalt shingles cupping, call Sherriff-Goslin, your St. Joseph roofing contractor.

A great way to maximize the life of your shingles is to make sure that your attic has proper ventilation. When heat builds up in the attic and isn’t relieved by airflow from ventilation, your shingles not only remain hot from solar exposure on top, but also become heated from the other side from the heat in the attic space. The typical home offers ventilation for the attic space beneath the roof deck via ridge vents, gable vents, and soffit. These components, when properly specified and installed, enable air flow underneath the roof deck and prevent the roof materials from remaining too warm on a consistent basis. Besides protecting your shingles, proper attic ventilation also can help reduce your cooling costs by helping to create a lower ambient temperature in the home.

If you notice your shingles cupping, or beginning to show signs of cupping, it’s a good idea to stay off the roof and call your St. Joseph roofing contractor, Sherriff-Goslin so that we can assess the situation. Even if shingles are cupping, the roof may not be leaking yet and it’s possible there are still multiple years left in the roof lifespan. However cupped shingles are weak and walking on them, having them hit by debris or impacted by extreme weather, can accelerate their need for replacement. If you have asphalt shingle cupping, or other issues with your roof, do not hesitate to contact Sherriff-Goslin in St. Joseph today!